Monday, September 3, 2007

Stay at home, save the world.

I get 3 straight days off work and think that I have all this time to do leisure activities so I go out and buy 5 new books to read. One of them is the Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook. I'm about half way through this intoxicating little read tonight and because I am completely dreading the work day tomorrow I've decided to share with all of you suggestion number 21 in this book. Work at Home! Check it out! Work at home. Of course my problem would probably be that I wouldn't crawl out of bed until I absolutely had to, and I'd be distracted most of the day by my under-organized house. However, when the mood did strike to churn some work out, I'd be happily alone and not surrounded by people, and I'd get more done. And I'd help save the world from over-heating. Since my job sort of requires that I be amongst the students, I'll just have to save the world in other ways. Bank online. Grow tomatos in my backyard. Change my incandescent lightbulbs to compact florescents. Those are easy. Composting worms and weighing my garbage? Not so much. Get the book. It's extremely interesting.

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