Thursday, September 27, 2007

Is there a fortune teller in the house?

I need a fortune teller, a soothe-sayer, a medium, a hypnotist, someone to tell me what's gonna happen in my life. I'm tired of waiting around day after day trying to figure it out. Where's that commericial with the EASY button? Major life crisis? Just hit the EASY button. There, there. Problem solved. Someone hit your car? Bang! Fixed. Someone steal your money? Bang! You got it back! Someone steal your spouse? Bang. They stay gone! :)
It seems like the 30's is when life really whacks you. In the 30's you have to start dealing with problems you created in your 20's because you thought you knew everything there was to know about life. So people in their 30's are divorcing left and right, going bankrupt or going in debt, having career crises, looking at themselves in the mirror trying to figure out what has happened to their bodies....
That's it. The 30's SUCK. So what happens if I hit the EASY button? Will I turn 40? Will I go back to 20? Will I vaporize?
Forget the EASY button. I want a fortune teller and a voo doo doll. I want to find out what happens and beat the shit out of whoever caused the problems...muh ha ha ha....ha ha.


Dream said...

Wish I had a fortune teller too...but sometimes we must be careful what we wish for because we may not like what we get. Wish I had a voodoo doll too so I could cause the same suffering on those that cause me to suffer. And about stealing that spouse - spouses can only be stolen if they want to be. Sometimes the person that needs to be gone is the spouse, just as much as the other party. When it is all over, said and done, the only one that can be true to you is yourself. You can never count on another whether it be a spouse, significant other, etc. Seems like there is always a catch.

Joy Floyd said...

When you hook-up with that fortune teller send him/her my way. I have issues. hee hee