Wednesday, May 7, 2008

iPhone = mucho fun and addiction

I finally went out and purchased the iPhone last week. I've been wanting one since before they actually came onto the market, and I've waited patiently until I could semi-afford one. Lemme tell you, it is so much fun. LOVE it. But there's an issue. I think I'm going to get addicted. And my little girl is already into playing with it too. She knows that if you touch the flower you get to see the pictures and she's really into the music too. I think the Apple folks are genius. I remember when I was a teen, my father bought us an Apple IIC that took floppy disks! Haven't had an Apple product since. Now I proudly display the little white Apple sticker on my car window. I love having all my favorite pics of Sarah right there, and all my favorite Fleetwood Mac songs right there, and I love being able to surf the "real" web, and get instant access to my email accounts, and text messaging too...and then there's the PHONE! All in one. Perfect for my, at the moment, harried life! You owe it to yourself to scrounge up the $400 and get one too.