Thursday, October 23, 2008

Message from Granny.

There is a lot of sorting and packing going on at my house right now because we are preparing for a big move to Maryland.  I have gotten a great new job and we were so lucky to lease the house to a great family that's moving in the day after we move out.  Everything has fallen right into place, in spite of me.  So tonight I was going through stuff in the garage and looked over at my grandmother's little nightstand that came home with us after her death.  I brought it home and stuck it in my garage and have left it alone since.  Tonight I decided to look inside.  I found all sorts of little treasures of hers, but one thing in particular brought tears to my eyes...lots of them.  In a little notebook that I had given her years earlier, she had written on the very back page, "You better take time out to study your Bible [out] of your busy day of work & thank God."  I clipped the little note out and promptly put it in a frame.  I think it will go on my new desk at my new job in my new life that I've been given, that I am, by the way, very thankful for.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Toddler dictionary

like: as in "time to go to bed, turn off the like"
mayked: adj, meaning without clothes
note: command, as in uh uh, no way.
werts: refers to the little men in the famous story, Snow White and the Seven Werts
lello: one of the three primary colors - not red, not blue
bonny tail: what you have when you pull your long hair together in the back and put a rubber band around it.
copy: noun, refers to the piece of cloth that brings great comfort when you're sleepy
familla: a flavor, such as familla ice cream.