Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Save the World, part 2.

Here are some more suggestions from the Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook: 77 essential skills to stop climate change -- or live through it, by David de Rothschild.
#38: Paper or plastic? Neither. Take your own cloth, reusable, bag to the store with you. Like, duh. #39: Plant a tree. Again, DUH. #45: Take a bath together. Now this one is funny to me because I remember as a 4 year old my father told me that he was taking a shower with my step mother to save water. Uh huh, right, I thought eleven years later. Turns out, he really was saving water, and therefore, the world. He'd just found a mutually beneficial way to do it. #46: Build a straw house. What? Did David de Rothschild ever hear of the Big Bad Wolf? I think not! #48: Green your roof, e.g. plant a garden on the roof of your house or office building. Hmmm. Lemme think. NO! #54: Pronounce "nuclear" correctly. Ahem. George Bush?
Useful stuff I feel absolutely responsible to pass on...
Use rechargeable batteries, stop buying bottled water, buy recycled paper products and things made of bamboo, use old rubber tires as building materials, buy recycled polyester clothing or organic cotton clothing (Patagonia!!), wash your clothes in cold water with eco friendly washing powders, wear vintage (a.k.a. recycled) clothing and accessories.
Also, #68: Buy a Camel. Not a bad idea...but you'll have to read the book to find out why. Interesting creatures!
Wait, wait..one more. Send my blog to ten of your friends. Sorry, that one was just my ploy to become a famous writer...again.

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