Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bad CAR-ma

Some no good dishonest suv-drivin' (e.g. the high location of the dents) person side swiped my Jetta today in the parking lot and didn't even leave a note. So I stand out in the rain to file a police report and I call Geico and they are really great at handling my claim, and the guy on the phone with me is so empathetic and sensitive. Now I feel like I could be one of those people telling my story on their commercials -- who they'd hire an actor for.
"Hi my name is Heather and some dumb shit side swiped my car and didn't even leave a note."
actor: OH GOD my beautiful black New Jetta is toast!
"I was upset and it was raining, but I called Geico and the sweet little guy on the phone made me feel so much better. He said the call right before mine was a woman in Alabama with the same problem."
actor: (singing) It's a rainy night in Georgia and I feel like it's raining all over the woooorld.

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