Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I know why Davinci cut off his ear.

What does a girl have to do to get some sleep around here? The child has come downstairs and asked for something to drink two nights in a row, and of course when she does she wakes the dog, who then wants to go out to pee, and when the dog gets excited, so do the kitties, and the whole house is up at one in the morning, or at four, take your pick. I have heard that the less sleep you get the more creative you become, and I've also heard the less sleep you get the more depressed you become. Who was that genius that cut off his ear? Davinci? Did he have a kid, a puppy, 2 kittens, and an outdoor attack cat? Probably not, but it's worth further investigation. I know nothing about the man except that he knew how to paint, but I'll be willing to bet he had a pet 'something' that woke his ass up at night day after day, wee morning hour after wee morning hour, until he finally couldn't take it anymore and figured he wouldn't hear the freaking noise if he cut his ear off. People will do strange things to get some sleep. Of course, I'll bet the first time he laid his knobby sore ear down onto his probably hard pillow his ass woke back up. That's all I'm saying. I know why he did it. It wasn't a good idea, but I know why he did it. To get some freakin' Zzzzzzzs.


Terry said...

Saw your comment on Ariel Gore's blog and decided to pop over for a visit.

Hope you get some sleep and good luck with the memoir!

Mary said...

hey posey, enjoying your blog! by the way, van gogh cut off his ear, not davinci :)
mary michael

Dream said...

Didn't anyone ever let you in on the fact that after you have a child and mix that with pets, sleep is one of those things you must learn to live without? Maybe you'll be able to recoup some rest a few years from now but then your child will headed toward being a teen and then you can't sleep even when you have the time!! Enjoy your blog!

Ashley said...

Hey, you DO know that it was Van Gogh that cut off his ear, not Da Vinci, right? And it was for some chick he liked.

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