Monday, August 13, 2007

Dead man (almost) walking

Sunday morning at around 1:45 AM I'm headed home from a visit to my cousin's house and I'm sleepy but I've got Evanescence cranked up loud on my stereo and I'm thinking about everything that's going on in my life when all of a sudden, and I mean this was super strange, a dude in a white tee shirt walks right out in front of my car. I saw him coming about two seconds before I would have hit him but I had time to stop because I had just gotten off the bypass and was going to start breaking for a turn. He walked right out in front of me and I actually had to wait for him to stagger out of the way of my car. He had NO idea that he almost got hit by my car. I knew cats had 9 lives, but people? It really freaked me out, and I sat there watching him for at least ten seconds or more before I started driving again. Just thought I'd share.

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