Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Jill the rat terrier and some reading I've done.

I just finished reading Ariel Gore's How to Become a Famous Writer Before You're Dead, and let me say, it's a definite kick in the toosh -- a word of encouragement for aspiring writers like myself. There are no charts, graphs, tables, or how to's in her book, just good solid narrative about what it is like to be a writer, about how to handle yourself in the lit world, and how not to give up when you can paper your house with rejection letters. I learned a few things, many less things than I thought I would learn buying and reading a "how to" book, but hearing about what it's really like trying to get published was the most valuable thing this book offered. Also, something I'd never thought of or considered was in here: the whole idea of self publishing and promoting my work. Not that I have a whole lot of work done. I've had two articles published in Athena Magazine and I've written a manuscript for a book I've titled Consciousness Lost. That's about the sum of it. Unless you count that first little story I wrote back when I was a thirteen year old in awe of Jill the rat terrier who had single handedly given birth to six teeny little puppies. It was Jill and her pups that convinced me that some things were worth writing down. So if you're aspiring to write or get published, pick up a copy of this book. It's good stuff.

Other than that, I'm still sick with this funk that I think I got from being allergic to the dog. If you want to adopt a not quite house trained Austrailian cattle dog puppy who loves to fetch and who's just as cute as she can be, lemme know. I've got one. My sinus passages will thank you. I'll even throw in the money for her spay.

I emailed someone at UGA Press today hoping for the opportunity to come peddle my manuscript. I phoned someone at Hill Street Press for an appointment two days ago. Nothing yet. Nada.

I wonder if I should dress up in a pink tutu and gorilla mask and stand on the corner downtown reading excerpts from my manuscript? Ariel Gore did. Worked for her.

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