Thursday, July 21, 2011

What I'm reading now.

If you are fast you can read this in a day and if you work with anyone at all besides yourself, it is bound to benefit you!  I'm starting it tonight.  Read some snippets in the Border's bookstore today.  (I'll not go into the teary eyed hissy fit that I could easily muster up right now due to Border's going out of business - it's a sad time.)

Books in my hand make me happy.  I'm not sold on the ebook idea yet.  I've read one book on my iPhone so far.  It was a fine experience, but doesn't match holding the book in my hands, turning its pages, and the smell of the paper and ink.  Laugh if you want, but I like to get my senses involved when I'm reading.  Except taste.  Eating a book would be gross...but it would probably be enough to get me on that "My Strange Addiction" show!

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Kyrie said...

I agree with you soo much, as does my communications teacher from last school year! I did an oral report on The Amazon Kindle, and both of us agreed it is nothing in comparison to holding a fine novel in our hands and experiencing the story without technology. Not everything has to be online...