Sunday, July 17, 2011

Get busy!

In an hour I'll be about ready to leave for another night at work in the ER.  I need a vacation something fierce.  I need several days in a hotel - maybe in a big city somewhere - where there's a big fat bed with big fluffy pillows I can sink my head into.  I don't even need a television.  All I need is a box fan, a bucket of ice with some Diet Dr. Pepper nearby, and some sleep.  Precious sleep.  Quiet.  Nothing but me and dreamland.  For maybe 24 hours.

Things you guys should do while I'm away:

Buy Tom's shoes: They are really comfortable and yes they start at $44 but a needy child in a 3rd world country (and even here in the States too) gets a new pair of shoes.  Their giving model is One for One.  They've been giving away shoes since 2006 with over one million pairs given to children.  Now they've started with eyewear as well.  Sunglasses start at $135 but you can help a blind or nearly blind person get cataract surgery, glasses, or just give sunglasses with UV protection to someone who needs them so they won't get cataracts.  I bought myself 2 pairs of the TOMS shoes and even got Sarah a pair for her back to school shoes.  I wear mine on my 12 hour shift in the ER and my feet do not hurt!  And by the way, I've yet to actually pay full price for a single pair.  Check out Kinnucan's.

Sign up for  Seriously, who among you could stand to get rid of some CDs, DVDs, games, or books that are sitting on your bookshelves collecting dust?  If you're like me, your music is now all loaded onto your computer and therefore on your iPod or iPhone.  I very rarely read a book more than once so they sit silently day in and day out on my shelves.  Your kids outgrow or get tired of their x-box games, and the DVD you thought you had to have has now retired to the entertainment center because if you see that movie again you just might stick a fork in your eye.

BUT that doesn't mean there's not more books, CDs, DVDs, and games out there that you're not interested in!  So sign up for, put in to their system all the things you have that you'd like to trade, then select all the things you'd like to have and viola! - trades will start to appear.  All you have to do is mail your stuff to the next guy and watch your mailbox for your new (slightly used) stuff to appear!  Cool huh?  And it'll keep the US Post Office going for a bit longer.  Trading is cool.  Why didn't I think of that site?

Okay.  Must get dressed now and go face reality.  Another day, another dollar.  Here are your links.  Now get busy!  

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