Thursday, July 28, 2011

Heading to Jacksonville to see the Jacksons!

In a few hours we take off for Jacksonville, Florida!  I haven't seen my family down there for almost 2 years.  We were supposed to have Thanksgiving dinner there last fall but things didn't work out and I wound up staying here and having Thanksgiving with my Aunt Barbara.  Thank goodness I did, because by February she was gone.  In fact, most of my father's family is now gone.  At least half.  Florida has always been the home of my mother's family and even though I didn't see them near enough growing up, I've tried to see them more as an adult.  But obviously when you're an adult you have jobs, kids, responsibilities that get in the way.  So I don't get down there enough still, but when I do the whole clan usually comes to visit.  It's quite fun and I'm really excited to see them all!  And little Sarah is really pumped up too!  Pictures to come of the Jackson clan!  :)

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