Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sad day for book lovers.

Borders bookstore's liquidation sale makes me so sad - I was in there yesterday on my day off and books were scattered everywhere.  Some people were still grumbling about the prices, even though some things are up to 40% off now.  I'm going to miss the brick and mortar store.  I loved going there with my family or even all by myself.  It was a great way to peruse all the latest offerings from the literary world - I found many great books that way.  I have a busy life and don't always have time to read all the news snippets about new books coming out.  That's why when I found a good book I liked to post them on here to share with you all.  My father always said to me that if I could read I could figure out how to do anything else.  I found that to be true in college when I virtually taught myself Physics by reading my textbook.  I think putting textbooks in digital format is a good idea - but only if there's significant cost reduction.  Textbook prices are ridiculous.  But the novel, the non-fiction book, the memoir, even the trashy romance story - those need to be printed on paper and bound as books and displayed at the local bookstore.

I wasn't one of those people who just went to the bookstore and treated it like a library - sat and read the book then put it back on the shelf without making a purchase.  But I was someone who bought books at Borders with the coupons they gave Rewards members.  I didn't like paying full price - not because I don't think books are worth it, just because of my own finances. 

I will really miss my Borders bookstore.  And I truly feel awful for all the employees who will very soon be out of a job.  I talked to one at the checkout the other day who was nearly in tears.  Soon she will have no health insurance and the place she's worked for 11 years will be gone.  The friendships, the relationships with coworkers, the frequent customers she liked seeing...gone or at least damaged.  It's sad.  I really hope the print book industry doesn't go out.  There's nothing quite like curling up in my bed with a book in my hands while a thunderstorm rages outside.  Nothing like it at all.

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