Thursday, June 10, 2010


Got in the kitchen last night with our first batch of homegrown organic pickles!  We were able to make 7 quart jars of pickles - and we're super excited and hope that we get lots more cucumbers in the days ahead.  Hal still doesn't have a job so we're hoping this can be his summer activity and that we can sell our pickles for a small profit!  I spent a good bit on the spices and jars so we at least want to make back that money and have enough cucumbers to use up all the spices. 

I made these pickles by tweaking a recipe given to me by my former supervisor at Clemson.  She is an awesome cook and can make anything by hand!  She even makes her own tortilla chips!  But I haven't made these pickles in almost 7 years because when I first got pregnant with Sarah I couldn't stand the smell of garlic.  Kinda funny huh?  They'll be ready to eat Friday at midnight - can't wait to try them again!  Now what to call them?  Heather's Amazin' Dills or Posey's Pernicious Pickles?  :o)

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