Monday, June 7, 2010

Living on little.

So it turns out that it was NKOTB-not-to-be.  Just couldn't find the cash to go this year unless a large sum of money befalls me before June 19th that is, or I'll make a last ditch effort to see them in New York.  I feel childishly pouty about the whole thing, but this is life.  I'm nearly finished with a wonderful book called The New Good Life by John Robbins, the would-be heir to the Baskin Robbins fortune.  Rather than spend his life wanting for absolutely nothing, he gave it all up to live a simpler, more aware, and earth friendly existence.  This really is a good story, and a good manual for making the financial hard times more palatable.  For me it really is sometimes very difficult, because I work full time but my husband is still not able to find work at all.  So the American consumer in me feels that I ought to be able to reward myself by using my money to purchase something for myself.  This book brings home the point that there are much more rewarding ways to spend our time besides shopping for things to clutter up our houses.  But it doesn't necessarily speak to buying "experiences" like a NKOTB concert.  It does talk about other ways to have fun though, and that'll have to do for now.  So this next week I'm going to get outside more and spend more time with my daughter and less time in front of a computer or a book.  There are cheap ways to have fun.  I should know, I lived cheaply for most of my life.  Tomorrow maybe we'll find some free fun somewhere.

I am not really a material girl.  If I put all of my true wants on a list, I doubt it would equal a hundred thousand dollars.  Seriously.  The most expensive thing would be an Airstream camper!  It would be super fabulous to have one of those to pull around to all the state parks and camp out.  I could take some awesome pictures.  Perhaps I'll start saving now!

Here's the link to the book - I'm definitely going to keep this one on my shelf for reference.  The New Good Life: Living Better Than Ever in an Age of Less

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