Sunday, January 24, 2010

What have you given up?

My financial life sucks right now. I mean, it just sucks! Poor word choice I know, but I cannot think of a better way to phrase the situation I feel myself in. I work full time, right at 40 hours a week - but we can't really work overtime. My husband has worked only a few weeks at low-paying temp jobs since he lost his "good" job back in June of 2008. I just read an article on US News about things people are giving up because money is tight. Most things didn't surprise me at all. Lots of folks gave up Starbucks, home-phones, new cars, tech gadgets, vacations, even comfortable temperatures in their homes. I gave up lots of Starbucks too, and I haven't bought much in the way of clothes either. No Christmas presents for myself or my husband, eating out a fraction of the times we used to, but most of all I've noticed my comfort level waste away. Even though I'm paying my bills - even paying some of them OFF, I still find that my financial worry meter is at an all time high. I know I'm not alone. Just curious, what have you given up?

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