Thursday, February 12, 2009

Can't wait for Hershey.

Just checking in loyal followers. Nothing really to write about at the moment except that to wind down tonight I've been surfing the New Kids on the Block website community where I actually managed to sign up and find friends to go to the Hershey concert with. You see, after I went to the October concert in Atlanta, I've been dying to go to another one and was afraid that was it...but then they announced the NKOTB cruise in May. That was way too expensive but apparently due to the crazy demand, the guys decided to do a mini Spring tour! Awesome I thought, I'll just go to another show. And then my HUSBAND decided that I should pay for the 5* ticket and actually meet the guys. For a whole week I said, seriously honey, are you going to let me spend all that cash and then go by myself to drool over 5 other men? But the morning the tickets went on sale, he was right there saying go for it! So I did. And I'm going to the Hershey show to see another great concert from probably the first row AND I get to meet them! Rock on! I'm so pumped. I'm also trying to use this as motivation to lose some extra pounds. Gotta look good for the New Kids! :)

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