Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ideas for the middle of the night.

So I'm sitting here awake.  Again.  Let's see.  Fun things to do in the middle of the night.  Play on Facebook.  Make comments about all your friend's photos.  Catch up on email!  Seriously, and I needed to do that too.  Listen to New Kids on the Block with my cool Bose headphones.  Read cnn.com and catch up on the news so I won't look like an idiot when there's a current affairs conversation going on in the workplace.  Snack.  Drink mojitos.  Contemplate life.  Write.  Stare at my little boo sleeping.  Snicker at my husband and his almost snore.  I suppose I could pose them and take funny pictures.  Nah.  That might be weird.  Go outside and pet P.P. -- the cat we brought home from Virginia that refuses to enter the house.  I think she has kitty bipolar disorder.  Oh.  I almost forgot.  Tonight I'm sitting here wondering why some freaking IDIOT in Atlanta robbed a Starbucks at gunpoint yesterday morning.  The poor barista he pointed the gun at is my friend!  

I wonder if it's true that sleeplessness or lack of sleep actually does make you more creative?

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