Saturday, September 6, 2008

34 and all I get is a day off?

Finally, a day off. Actually 4 days off, and if you want to get technical, 4 days and 22 hours off. So my birthday is Monday, and lemme tell you, I'd rather be a kid. See, my kid's birthday is Sunday and she'll get a cake and presents with "azul" wrapping paper just like she wants. She'll have fun and we'll make a big deal and do something really cool. But for my birthday on Monday, nah. The stark reality started today when I rolled out of bed with a shoulder ache to remind myself that I'm getting old. Then I had to go stand in line and pay twenty bucks to renew my driver's license. Not to mention finally giving in and putting my real weight down on the form. And if that's wasn't enough, a stop by the tag office to pay taxes on my car!! So already I'm out $320 and whatever it costs me to make Sarah's birthday memorable and special.

But I do get 4 days and 22 hours off. Technically. I won't be working. I won't be serving coffee or soothing mad folks in the ER. I'll just be accepting the number 34 and watching my bank account diminish! Happy birthday to me...

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ThreadBeaur said...

happy birthday! enjoy your days off!