Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

To celebrate Earth Day, I've got a few things going.  For one, we planted our garden on Tuesday because that was the day my father decided was the day that it must be done.  Since his garden is pretty much great every year (unless we're in a drought), I believe him.  Here he is showing Hal how to drive his tractor to make the rows exactly right.  We planted cucumber, squash, corn, cantaloupe, and zucchini seeds.  I'm re-launching my dill pickle business this summer and we're stoked.  Hal still doesn't have a job so this will definitely keep him busy.  When I did this several years ago, it went really well - this time I think we're much more ready, especially since we're growing our own cucumbers.  The other thing that I'm doing this week in honor of Earth Day is giving up meat.  Growing animals for food uses tons of water and chemicals so for a week I'm going veggie!  Good for me, good for the planet.  Did you know that you should only eat 4 ounces of meat per day anyway (that is, if you eat meat at all)?  Hopefully I'll find some time to finish reading The Story of Stuff before the week is out! 

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Melissa said...

YES to the pickles. I will seriously pay you back if you can ship some to me. Or better yet, get Nene to send 'em :)