Sunday, April 4, 2010

Eggs, eggs, everywhere!

First there was the Easter Egg Hunt at her school. Since she had a basket full of eggs, we then had multiple "egg hunts" around the house. There were eggs between the couch cushions, eggs on my desk, eggs in the bed, on the bookshelf, under the table. She would hide them, then find most of them, then hide them again and make us find them. Today was no different. The church had an Easter Egg Hunt and Sarah brought home all sorts of eggs: multi-colored, pastel, clear, glitter, even eggs with fluffy hair were sent to her from Aunt Kim in Florida.  So we had to hide eggs, find them, and hide them again.  Sarah wanted to hide some, and when she did she jumped around like the Easter Bunny.  One of the hazards of hiding eggs around outside is that there may be one or two that never get found!  At least back when I was young, we had good old hard-boiled eggs that we'd carefully decorated by dipping them in dye.  Granny never let me down on the Easter egg decorating - we had plenty of eggs and decorating supplies every year, and right here in this yard is where most of my eggs hunts were as a child.  Leaving one of those real eggs out in the wilderness wasn't so bad - it could biodegrade on its own.  Or maybe a possum would find it and thank her lucky stars.  But now that plastic has taken over the world, I wonder how many plastic eggs will be left out there today having never been found?  I know of at least one!

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