Monday, March 22, 2010

Tris addict.

Oh how I love to arrange those colorful falling blocks! This is a recent problem. You see, I hadn't really played Tetris much before purchasing my iphone. Shortly after I bought the iphone, I downloaded a free game called Tris, which is a Tetris knock-off that's (of course) no longer available. Lately, sparked by the insomnia I sometimes experience after working my twelve hour shifts in the E.R., I've started playing this game. You might ask, how does playing a game help you go to sleep? Well, truth is, I'm not sure. I mean, Tetris is action-packed! You have to be alert, on your toes! You have to rotate those blocks to fit them in the grid just right because they keep getting faster and faster! Oh the excitement. Obviously I think it clears my mind because I cannot think about anything else while I'm doing it. Unlike writing, and unlike scouring the internet for anything I haven't seen yet. Tetris does have a few drawbacks though: makes my eyes hurt from the strain, is totally addicting, and something I'd like to call iphone finger...the aching of an overworked pointer finger. You know what I mean? Such a tell-tale sign that you've got a problem. Why Tetris? Why not PacMan or Frogger or Q*bert? I've got all of those games downloaded too. I am a true 80's girl. I admit I have a problem. But right now, I'm not gonna do a thing about it. :)

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