Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Magical World of Disney

i apologize for the long absence lately, but I've been working nonstop - however, I did manage a vacation. We went to Disney World last week and let me tell you - I never had that much fun as a kid! I don't know if it was experiencing it as an adult, watching my little girl experience it, or just having 5 straight days off from work...but whatever it was, man we had a wonderful time! You should go. I've now decided that I need to watch all the Disney movies. You know, until last night, I'd never watched Cinderella? I've never seen Jungle Book, or Sleeping Beauty or countless others. How did I miss all this growing up? My mother took me to Disney, and so did my step-mother, and so did my grandfather (during the one week of my life that I spent with him), but I can't remember having as much fun as I had last week. Now I'm obsessed. Sort of. I'm wearing a Mickey Mouse tee shirt right now. :)

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