Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Things I thought I'd never say and more.

The number one thing that came out of MY mouth that I never ever thought I'd say: "Baby don't rub the grape under your nose before you eat it!" And one thing that gave me great pleasure to say (after my 3 year old tells me not to tell her what to do): "Listen, I'm your mommy and I'll tell you what to do until the day I die." I still smile when I think of is as if she sealed her fate.

I have gained a new and tremendous respect for women who stay out of work to raise their kids all by themselves. It's not easy, but it is very rewarding. Lots more cuddling, lots more hugging, lots more spontaneity and the bond grows deeper the more time you share with them. In my first month as a stay at home mommy I've discovered the library, I've walked the parks, I've cleaned my house and I've cooked more meals than I did in the past ten years. I've remembered my grandmother's funny lines and teachable moments, and I've awakened a part of myself that I didn't really know was there. I've become more loving, more soft, more honed in to this little child that I brought into the world. I've never thought about exactly how to teach a child to recognize letters or draw a house. I've learned that washable markers come out of clothes easier than soft young skin and I've found many a grape floating in my toilet.

I don't know what's around the bend for me, but however long this lasts I'll hang on to every minute. I love my little boo, no matter how many times I have to watch Peter Pan to keep the peace. Tick tock.

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