Monday, January 5, 2015

Things I have way too many of...

  • Lip Balms (Chapsticks, lip glosses, etc.  I have 16 of these things piled on my bed right now. Don't even try to steal any from me...)
  • Socks (If I could only find the matches I could either A) wear them again, or B) donate them.  Therefore, I'll keep looking.)
  • Books (I still can't really read e-books.  Must be able to smell the pages of the book.  This definitely adds something to the reading experience.  Once I've smelled your crack, we're bonded, therefore I cannot give you up or share you with others.)
  • TShirts (Kooky 80's tees are the best, and they make me feel mature because I experienced these things first hand.  NKOTB, Pac-Man, the McDonalds Fry Guys, Smurfs...need I say more?)
  •  Jeans (One day soon I will fit back into my favorite jeans, and find my other favorite pair, and I will wear my new favorite pair tomorrow.  Size 8-14 anyone?)

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