Saturday, July 12, 2014

The newest Bruin.

I finally did something for me! As you know, if you read this blog, I've always wanted to be a "real" writer.  Believe it or not though, I've never had any real training in writing beyond the undergraduate english courses I took at UGA (the first of which I was able to skip by advanced placement testing). I did get A's in all my English classes but never took the creative writing classes I wanted to take.  I tried once when I was in grad school - to add the class and make it work - but had zero time for it and eventually withdrew.  Now, at nearly 40 years old, I'm going to study and practice the art of writing for real from one of the best writing programs in the nation.  I'm so lucky too, because I get to do all of this online.  I get to become a real card carrying UCLA student, and I get to earn the Writer's Certificate and even become a Bruin alumni when I finish my coursework.

Awesome! I cannot wait to get started.  For fun, I may post some of the writing I do here on my blog.  My first class starts August 6th!

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