Friday, August 26, 2011

Dear Virus, please expire.

Last Wednesday night I spiked a fever, then got the sweats, then threw up, then got the squirts.  It was hell, and I felt just awful.  So now it's more than a week later and I have to come home early from work because I'm running a fever again.  In fact, I've pretty much had a fever almost every day since last Wednesday.  I think there should be an automatic "you've suffered enough" expiration date on all illnesses.  I've also decided that besides the death of a loved one and perhaps a nasty break-up with the love of your life that vomiting is one of the worst human experiences.  I could live a thousand more lifetimes and not ever need to do it again.  Every time I throw up another food item gets scratched off my eat list.  This time it was Zaxby's chicken (that I'd pulled out of the fridge, leftover).  Once before it was spaghetti - I still remember puking so forcefully that whole noodles came out my nose.  Red Lobster was crossed off the list when I was 21.  What will it be next?  However, I must say that this virus - this god awful bug - prompted me to eat something I probably haven't eaten in 20 years...Campbell's chicken noodle soup.  I have no idea why except that I lost more than 5 pounds in one day and was starving so bad that my stomach was about to digest itself...and I was at work and desperate.  I kept it down.  Healthy and cheap my dad would say...if I gave him the satisfaction of telling him!  :)

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