Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No Restaurants: day one.

I hate grocery shopping - have pretty much avoided it since I was pregnant with Sarah and couldn't stand the smell of food anywhere at any time - even the sight of certain foods bothered me!  But today we literally almost had no food in the house, unless you count pretzels and ketchup, Dora yogurt and pickles.
Anyway, I finally got up the gumption to go to the store specifically to buy food.  We walked around tossing food willy-nilly into the buggy and wound up with a $210 tab at checkout.  (props to the store for printing the receipt on front and back!)
Standing there watching our cashier ring up all of those items made me wonder if we could actually go without purchasing anything from a restaurant for a month.  When I suggested this to Hal, the eternal restaurant-goer, he said maybe we should shoot for a week instead.  So here we go.  Gonna try to make it until next Tuesday without purchasing any food or drink from a restaurant, snack bar or vending machine.  I suspect it might teach us a thing or two - how to cook at home, how to eat better, how to do the dishes!  We're spoiled.  Even when we're near broke we can afford McDonalds.  Cheap food adds up though - it takes a toll on our bank account and our bodies.  And it's not so cheap either...eating out during the last 30 days cost us a whopping $578.68!  Something's gotta give.  I encourage you to add up what you've spend eating out during the last month.  It's crazy how much you can spend on food, beverage, and tips.  Anyway, wish us luck.  Wonder what I'll crave the most?

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Brandy said...

I think you should give us a rundown of what you ate everyday...all the food you ate from your house and tell us what you gave into buying if you did so.