Thursday, May 19, 2011

Craft hour at the Posey house.

Tonight I almost lost my mind.  That's right, I did something domestic and crafty with my daughter - who was so excited she was beside herself!  And, to make matters even more strange & spectacular, her father (who has no craft skills that I've ever seen) participated in this rare event with the kid.  It all started when I began drinking beer.  Now, this was weeks ago - but I decided to start trying "new" beers as a sort of taste test.  This takes forever because I can at most drink probably 3 or 4 a week.  So one day I pryed the bottle cap off a British beer and liked the design on the I sat it on the bar in the kitchen (not unusual for an odd assortment of things to be on the bar).  And then over the past few weeks I kept adding bottle caps.  Now, the bar isn't too far from the refrigerator...where my little 6 year old artiste puts her MULTITUDE of drawings.  Inevitably she runs out of magnets to hold up said drawings.  So one day when my eyes saw the bottle caps and the drawings I thought, *eureka* *holy moly* I've got a solution!  So today we spend a ton of money at the craft store buying all sorts of things to help us make these magnets, including a very cool (uh warm really) hot glue gun and a (super awesome I love it) 1 inch round circle punch.  And when Sarah saw a unpainted wooden treasure chest that needed paint and decoration...well she of course had to have it...and I looked straight at Hal and said "um, that's all you." I wish I could say our little craft hour was cheap but it wasn't!  But it was fun and I hope all these supplies will keep the kiddo busy for the next 100 or so days until school starts back.  Tomorrow is Day 1 of summer vacation!

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