Monday, March 7, 2011

Read this book by Jessica Jewett

I read this in ONE NIGHT!  If you have a Kindle or Kindle program on your iPhone it's only $4.99.  Amazing narrative from an amazing lady about her past life as Fanny Chamberlin (wife of famous Civil War soldier Lawrence Chamberlin) and her reincarnation to her present life.  Very inspiring story.  Open your minds and your hearts to the possibilities, and support independent publishing at the same time.  Definitely grabs the reader from the first page to the last.  I didn't want it to end!  Two great things to compliment the book, only after you've read it, are to watch the movies Gods & Generals and Gettysburg.  I have always been very interested in the Civil War since being exposed to it in my 11th grade U.S. history class.  I was in the theater the first night when Gods & Generals came out (even though I had my wisdom teeth out that day)!  I have also visited the Gettysburg battlegrounds several times - which is something everyone who lives in America should do at some point in your life.  It doesn't matter where you're from, North or South, a lot of tragedy took place there, and you kind of have to see it in person to understand how huge it really was.  Put it on your bucket list.


Brandy said...

If you are fascinated by Civil War stuff you should also visit the Civil War POW site in Andersonville. The next time you spend any time in Warner is only like a 45 min or hour drive to go. Heartbreaking and fascinating.

LaurenLiz* said...

The Civil War was an interesting time for this country. I'm currently taking a Women in History class. An interesting book I had to read is "Mothers Of Invention: Southern Women of the Slaveholding South" by the president of Harvard if you're interested It's really cool how the absence of the male military changed Southern women's views of their "spheres."