Monday, February 15, 2010

10 things to like about winter.

In absolutely NO particular order:

If you're struck with a intractable bout of nausea - run outside and breathe in some ice cold air. Somehow it helps.

Sledding in the snow. Even though I've only done it once, it was really fun. Also, skiing and making snowmen. And really, doesn't everything look cool all covered in white?

Layers of clothes. Yup. For all you clothes horses that love to wear stuff, winter provides a great opportunity to wear all of your favorite pieces under the guise of "layering."

Increased visibility. With all the leaves now off the trees, it's easy to see into your neighbor's back yard. Now you know what he was building all summer long or what his yappy dog looks like.

Fire. All the pyro-maniacs and wood cutting macho men out there now have a justifiable excuse for making fire. It's freaking cold outside!

Winter is a great excuse to be lazy. When your health nut friends are off exercising at the park's track, you can say "No way I'm going out in this cold! I'll get sick!"
Then, you can relax on the couch and eat bon-bons.

Down. Like goose down. I love all things with down feathers in them, especially down jackets and down comforters. Cozy, soft down!

Scented candles. I know - you can really have these any time of year, but in the winter you can be environmentally friendly. You can tout to all your friends that you're saving on your heating bill and making your home smell good at the same time! And there are so many smells to choose from!

School closings! It's snows, or sleets, or ices, then you can hold out hope that you'll get a Get out of School Free card. No more lessons, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks!

You don't have to cut the grass. Mother Nature's gift to all you folks who must have the perfect yard: a nice long winter break.

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Doc said...

Neighbor's yappy dog! BAhahaha.