Saturday, January 31, 2009


Why in the world, with our economy in the toilet the way it is, did it cost me this much money to move my car from Georgia to Maryland? One new tire needed ($207) to pass the required safety check ($75) plus $485 in taxes, tags, and registration fees. They actually went back and charged me 2% tax on the PURCHASE of my car b/c when you buy a car in Maryland you pay 6% sales tax versus 4% in Georgia EVEN THOUGH I bought my car 3 and 1/2 years ago!

Want to know why our nation is in a financial crisis? Other than the record numbers of people, like my husband, who cannot find a job - it's stuff like this extremely expensive, yet required effort to legitimately move my car into Maryland. And this isn't counting the $45 driver's license fee.

The real irony is that I live where I work so I am not making regular use of their roadways each day with a commute. What will they do with all my money? What a horrible crock. Ugh!

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