Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Welcome (back) to Maryland...brrr

I went home for a visit, and I came back. Took forever to drive the truck back, but we did it. At least gas wasn't upwards of 3.50 a gallon this time!
Thanksgiving in GA was nice, although I worked for part of it. Right when we stepped off the plane we started shedding our jackets and gloves - ah yes, the deep South. It's like being hugged by the sun.
But I did come back, and it's still cold here. Still freezing. So now I'm working on ways to get warm. Any suggestions?


C said...

Hot tea! or maybe in your case coffee - I make tea all day long : D

Dawn said...

Stay inside! That's what I do. I loved the weather and some of the food in GA, but everything else is better in the Mid-Atlantic. :-)